Life with a Holland Lop is definitely interesting! If any of you follow me on my personal instagram @farrellvlawo you see a glimpse of my day-to-day life with a bun! Wrigley is such a fun-loving little creature! My DM box is filled with bunny Q&A's, so I figured I would take the time to share them with you all here. After all, he is the inspiration behind HOPS & BUN Co.!
Enjoy :)
Q: What made you decide to get a bunny?
A: Honestly, I've always wanted one! When I moved to Houston, TX after college, I finally decided to make the commitment. And trust me, a bunny is a commitment. But well worth it!
Q: What type of bunny is Wrigley?
A: He's a Holland Lop and he's 4 years old!
Q: Why the name Wrigley?
A: After Wrigley Field in Chicago, DUH! My parents are huge Cubs fans. It was meant to be. We also call him Baby Wrigs & Wriggles!
Q: Is Wrigley potty trained and HOW?
A: Yes, believe it or not! When he was a little bun, he was a terror. I would leave for work and he would be roaming around the house and have an accident on the sofa. You have to train them that their cage is their friend. I would place him in the cage and lock him in there for a few hours. Fast forward to today, he is 100% potty trained (with the loss of a few roommates, oops), house-roam, cage-free bunny!
Q: He just roams around the house when you're at work?
A: Yup! He actually sleeps most during the day and is the most active during the evenings. He just chills ... ALL DAMN DAY.
Q: What does he eat?
A: Timothy Hay, pellets and his favorites: bananas and blueberries
Q: From your instagram, he seems very friendly. Is he social?
A: Yes! He's like a little kitten. He licks, cuddles up with us on the sofa, and he has to be in the same room we are in at all times. If we get up, he comes with us. He also sleeps under our bed every night! Bunnies are very curious. When friends come over, he comes around to see what's going on, then goes back to doing his thing! Also, he has never bit anyone! 
Q: Do you recommend getting a bunny?
A: ABSOLUTLEY! Wrigley is so loving and quirky. But, a bunny is a huge commitment. I cannot stress that enough. They need attention and lots of social interaction. I hate seeing parents "gift" bunnies during holidays such as Easter, and then they realize it's not a play toy but a commitment. It is a living, breathing, creature of God and it deserves to be treated that way! A bunny is also a creation of your environment. I had lived in previous situations where Wrigley wasn't respected or viewed as a true pet. He was stressed, not happy and it showed. Luckily, I removed both of us from that situation as soon as I could.
Q: My bunny keeps eating the carpet/baseboards of the house. HELP!
A: Ah. Yes. Been there, done that. It took awhile to figure out something that would work but for Wrigley (after much trial and error) he hates Bitter Apple Spray (can be bought at PetSmart). We spray that on anything we don't want him to nibble on. Also, toy wood blocks keep him very distracted and carpet squares from Home Depot work wonders. We keep all of this in his "play area" so he knows where it's allowed and where it's not. 
If you have any more questions or you're considering a bunny, please let me know! xx
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